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Third Rail - EP by Winds & Walls


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check out our first music video <3

the EP is also out on iTunes.

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Digital Illustrations by Artem Cheboha

Russian based CGI artist and painter Artem Cheboha creates beautiful illustrations. 

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the lunar eclipse condensed to 3 seconds, for those of you who had clouds or are in a hurry

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Let’s talk about Pamela Barnes Ewing

So I watched the Mid-Season finale of Dallas yesterday and I had plenty of thoughts about Pamela’s choice to handle John Ross’ affair with Emma. So many people were talking about how they wanted Pamela to lash out, to scream, to hurt John Ross, to possibly kill him, to have some sort of vengeance. People were actually angry at the fact she resulted in some threesome then decided to overdose on pills as an escape. So many people called it a copout or weak or even a step back for her. 

What people don’t seem to realize is that what Pamela decided to do was so muchworse than cursing or yelling or even shooting John Ross. 

The whole symbolism of taking something that John Ross and Emma indulged in and turning it into a nightmare was the one way that she could stab him deep in the heart. She took the pleasure of the affair and combated it with the pain. She showed them exactly how much what they were doing hurt her and it broke her so badly that she was willing to die to prove a point. 

In my opinion, this is probably the most poignant moment of character development for Pamela. And now that she’s hit rock bottom; she can finally move upwards. 

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Phoebe Tonkin photographed by for Oyster Magazine

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Sitting and listening to someone speak is probably the most interesting thing ever. You can see the excitement in their eyes when they talk about something they are so passionate about. Or the panic in their face, when they are telling a complete bullshit story, hoping no one will call them out. You can notice when they pronounce something in an unconventional way. 

I think a lot of people take me to be inattentive. They see my default smiles or head nods as a sign of silliness or disinterest. I’m not lost. Most of the time I am just thinking about whatever it is you said. Maybe whatever you said was so interesting or powerful or utterly stupid, that i need a minute to understand it.

Honestly, I am better at listening than I am at speaking. I mean at times I could probably speak for five hours straight. But most of the time prefer to listen. I learn so much more about other people by just keeping my mouth shut. It allows me to hear so much more.   Like the mutters you say underneath your breath. Or the little jokes that you make to yourself in a room full of crowded people. I notice a lot more than you think.

I actually do have a lot to say though…but sometimes it gets mixed up. 

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